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Rhetoric of/in journalism

If journalism is about persuading people to accept claims, assume attitudes, or at least to pay attention, then it is rhetorical. This issue provides a site for exploration of rhetorical dimensions of print/online/social journalism in various national contexts. With the advent of new communication technologies and news providing/sharing services, renewed attention should be devoted to the linguistic, textual, interactional, generic and persuasive aspects of news production, distribution and reception. Topics to explore might include:

- journalistic objectivity/neutrality as a rhetorical practice
- journalists’ ethos and/or image
- digital journalism as a new rhetoric?
- rhetoric(s) of quality/prestige press vs. tabloid press
- the rhetorical construction of newsworthiness
- fake news, post-truth and anonymous sources vs. logos
- moral panics, sensationalism and the rhetorical mechanisms of audience engagement
- rhetorical dimensions of traditional and new journalistic genres
- hybridized products of journalism: infotainment, docudrama, sponsored articles
- visuals in news reporting/political coverage and their rhetorical potential
- differences between journalism, advocacy and PR/propaganda
- alternative, independent, grass-roots journalism
- Twitter journalism and persuasion
- rhetorical competence and media literacy
Another pressing issue is methodological: how the categories and tools of rhetorical analysis could be used for the further understanding (and critique) of journalistic texts and practices.
Issue Editor: Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska (

Schedule: submission deadline: November 30, 2017, target publication date: March 2018.